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Our mission is simple
To create strategic and sustainable benefit solutions, integrated with the latest technology
to simplify administration
, while providing concierge level customer service 24-7-365.  

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Welcome... to a more personal benefits experience!

With 843 Benefits you and your employees get a relationship with an experienced broker who is truly invested in your success.  You will never be handed off to account managers and your employees can reach out for questions 24-7 or schedule 1 on 1 meetings at their convenience.  We call that customer service obsessed, and although it might not be the most profitable way to do things, we think its the best way.

What makes a plan successful and sustainable?
We help you create and administer benefit plans that are...

4 Tiered


Improve engagement by increasing helpful communications between the employees and your advisor, and offerring mutiple opportunties to connect throughout the year, in conjunction with wellness programs that make their benefits program more fun.

Health centered

Take care of the sick with great insurance, but also provide a diverse range of programs that addresses the cause of increased insurance costs, medical risk, in hopes of limiting the frequency and severity of claims in the future.

Tech SAvVy

We invest in technology to streamline enrollment for employees and give them 24/7 access to their benefits, while simplifying administration with easy to use tools that can be integrated with most payroll providers at the click of a button.


Business owners often don't understand the difference between independent brokers 

and large national agencies.

As an independent we don't have "preferred" relationships and we hold ourselves accountable for every facet of your benefits plan.  We also don't have sales quotas to meet and retaining YOUR business is much more important to us than growing ours!

What if you could order a benefits package off a menu?
Here are some ideas to get you started!


A Defined Contribution plan with a minimum $15/mo spend per employee can provide supplemental coverage like dental, vision, life or disability with no participation requirements.  


Works well for restaurants or other businesses where reportable incomes are generally less than $50k per year and maintains eligibility for employees to receive federal tax credits for individual coverage.


Take care of your staff with a simple dual option medical solution and supplemental benefits offered on a voluntary basis to keep costs down.

We often suggest a 70%-80% contribution to a bronze level plan which can be directed towards a silver or gold level plan for employees who need better coverage.

Employers should budget $250-$400 per employee for this type of plan.


Growing businesses typically need to recruit more experienced employees who have families so contributions for this strategy often involve a percentage of both employee plus dependent costs for a dual option medical plan, along with a defined contribution of $30-$50 to offset dental, vision or other supplemental expenses.

Employer paid benefits like a basic life insurance policy or Employee Assistance Programs are common add ons.


When you need to provide benefits for multiple classes of employees with different needs, we can help you strategize the right contributions to take care of both executives and your rank and file employees.

One example would be to provide a 70-80% medical contribution for both employee and dependents with a $100 defined contribution benefit for your higher wage earners, paired with a 70-80% employee only medical benefit with a $50 defined contribution plan for your rank and file staff.

Education is crucial for both employers and employees.
Here's a short description of popular plan types...


(Traditional Group Plans)


Fully Insured refers to traditional insurance from carriers you know like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Choice, United Healthcare, and Cigna.  These plans charge you a premium based on rates that are filed with the state and are only affected by age, zip code, and smoker status.  If you have less than 50 employees there is no chance of being declined or rated up for medical conditions, but there are also very few rewards for good health.


843 Benefits was established based on the fact that with fully insured business we can't do anything about the rates.  What we could do, was provide the latest administration and enrollment technologies for free, connect you with other business services that provide amazing service, and give your employees a community wellness program designed to get them engaged in healthier activities.

Level Funded 101:  Under a level funded plan, an insurance company determines a funding amount for the year based on the employer’s prior experience or health assessment. Then the employer pays a set amount to an insurance company every month to pay for claims, fixed costs, and administrative expenses. This regular, equal payment is why the product is called a “level” funded plan.

At the end of the year, if the total claims, costs, and expenses are less than the employer’s contributions for the year, the employer gets a refund.  If the total claims, costs, and expenses are more than the employer’s contributions, the carrier covers the shortfall with insurance.

This model is exciting to us at 843 Benefits because we can help employers and employees take control of future rate increases by reducing risks and promoting healthy activities.

(the new kid on the block)




Individual Coverage
Health Reimbursement Account


Employers looking to offer an Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Account generally range in size from 1-20 employees.  However we also see large groups with 50+ employees who have been hit hard with annual cost increases benefit from this program.  Contributions can be a flat dollar amount or scaled to increase with age or enrollment of dependents. 


One of the benefits of this plan is that each employee can choose their own plan to fit their needs and budget.  Ironically that is also one of the biggest downfalls as support and education for employees who are all on different plans can be difficult.  


Typically the larger the employer the more complicated this becomes but software is improving.  In SC enrollments are done directly with BCBS separate from your supplemental benefits so having a good system in place to manage it all is important.  (Hint...we got you covered!)

Defined Contribution Plans are a great way to insure benefits are being provide for ALL EMPLOYEES.  The employer "defines" a specific contribution amount per employee and receives a tax credit just like they do for a medical plan.  The employee then has the freedom to personalize their benefit plan by self-directing the contribution to the insurance solutions which are most important to them.

Any costs beyond the contribution amount are the responsibility of the employee which makes budgeting for the employer very easy. 

Additionally, this plan does not constitute a group medical benefit, so for those on federal subsidies and, there is no impact.


Dental, Vision, STDI/ LTDI, Life Insurance, Critical Illness, Accident Insurance.

Provided by Companion Life, Guardian, Unum, Sun Life and others.


( It's not nearly as tricky as these tires! )

"If we want to reduce the cost of protecting ourselves against the bad things that can happen but hope never will, we MUST look to the causes of those conditions, and take some responsibility for our decisions.  Not just spend more on insurance!"
Dave Williams
CEO | Founder 843BHM

843 BENEFITS is the Employee Benefits or Group Insurance side of 843BHM.  

It exists to help employers understand and administer the solutions we provide,
and helps employees access and enroll in their coverage online. 


We specialize in being customer service obsessed and always want to be your first point of contact when trouble arises.  No account managers, no 800 numbers.  Just you, your employees, and your advisor working together, to grow together!

843 Health Marketplace is an independent and local solution for all your individual health insurance needs.  Whether you qualify for federal tax credits and subsidies, need to apply directly with a carrier, or need to get enrolled as part of an employer sponsored individual plan, you can do it all through 843 Health Marketplace.  Shop online without fear of telemarketers or email blasts or seek help from one of our local advisors over the phone or scheduled online.

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843 Teams is a concept designed to connect small to medium sized businesses with local professionals who understand our business model, and will work with both of us to eliminate redundancies and deliver a unified Benefits/Payroll/HR/Insurance/Retirement experience.

Please take a moment to contact us with your story or leave any comments or feedback you may have.  We are always looking to improve and have the flexibility to meet the individual needs of our clients year after year.


Thanks! Message sent.


Office: 843-377-8540

Fax: 843-278-9159





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