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Caring Child

Delivering Benefits and Insurance Strategies that

Create a Healthier Tomorrow.


Our Mission:  Design benefit and insurance strategies for groups and individuals that build healthier and more educated populations in hopes of obtaining better rates and more sustainable long term solutions.

4 Tiered


Improve engagement by increasing helpful communications between the employees and your advisor, and offerring mutiple opportunties to connect throughout the year, in conjunction with wellness programs that make their benefits program more fun.

Health centered

Take care of the sick with great insurance, but also provide a diverse range of programs that addresses the cause of increased insurance costs, medical risk, in hopes of limiting the frequency and severity of claims in the future.

Tech SAvVy

We invest in technology to streamline enrollment for employees and give them 24/7 access to their benefits, while simplifying administration with easy to use tools that can be integrated with most payroll providers at the click of a button.


Business owners often don't understand the difference between independent brokers 

and large national agencies.

As an independent we don't have "preferred" relationships and we hold ourselves accountable for every facet of your benefits plan.  We also don't have sales quotas to meet and retaining YOUR business is much more important to us than growing ours!

843 BENEFITS is the Group Benefits or Small Business side of 843BHM.  

It exists to help employers understand and administer the solutions we provide,
and helps employees access and enroll in their coverage online. 


For its one thing to generate quotes and sell a plan, its another thing entirely to effectively communicate and educate your employees and provide concierge level customer service when the time comes to use it!

843 Health Marketplace is an independent and local solution for all your individual health insurance needs.  Whether you qualify for federal tax credits and subsidies, need to apply directly with a carrier, or need to get enrolled as part of an employer sponsored individual plan, you can do it all through 843 Health Marketplace.  Shop online without fear of telemarketers or email blasts or seek help from one of our local advisors over the phone or scheduled online.

843 TEAMS.png

843 Teams is a concept designed to connect small to medium sized businesses with local professionals who understand our business model, and will work with you to eliminate redundancies and solve problems, helping us deliver a unified Payroll/HR/Benefit/Insurance experience.


( It's not nearly as tricky as these tires! )

"If we want to reduce the cost of protecting ourselves against the bad things that can happen but hope never will, we MUST look to the causes of those conditions, and take some responsibility for our decisions.  Not just spend more on insurance!"
Dave Williams
CEO | Founder 843BHM

843 Benefits and Health Marketplace is a locally owned benefit agency located on Daniel Island, within the city limits of beautiful Charleston, SC.  We have been serving the lowcountry community since 2001 and appreciate the trust our clients have shown us as we have all grown together throughout the years.  There is nothing more rewarding to us than to watch local businesses thrive and prosper with the help of a great benefit plan strategy. 


Please take a moment to contact us with your story or leave any comments or feedback you may have.  We are always looking to improve and have the flexibility to meet the individual needs of our clients year after year.


Thanks! Message sent.


Office: 843-377-8540

Fax: 843-278-9159





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