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Your local solution for Individual and Family Health Insurance 

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Find Budget Friendly Health Insurance Plans
Click below to shop anonymously, without marketing campaigns and phone calls,
or contact us for professional assistance and get enrolled today!

Use the SHOP ONLINE link to shop for free or reduced cost health insurance via federal tax credits (Obamacare). You will not be contacted unless you request help and you will never be added to any email or phone marketing lists.


Alternatively, use the CALL CENTER link to speak with someone immediately or the BOOK ONLINE links to schedule a time to shop with the help of a professional advisor who knows SC health plans and can help you navigate the federal system.


Financial assistance is based on your household's annual income, family size, and eligibility for other contributions and coverage.

Shop online with Blue Cross Blue Shield or Blue Choice using our customized links below.  These links will connect you with us as a client but allow you to enroll independently with the same rates that you would get by calling BCBS or Blue Choice directly.  

You can also use the BOOK ONLINE link to set up a meeting with one of our advisors for more personalized assistance when you need it.  

If you do not qualify for federal assistance we HIGHLY encourage our clients to enroll this way to avoid the hassles of dealing with the federal marketplace ( to manage your policy.


If your employer offers an Individual Coverage HRA (ICHRA) please follow the below guidance:

  1. Click the SHOP BCBS link below and select the "Eligible for HRA" option with todays date to create your SEP.  Choose your plan and complete the application online. Select the bill by mail option so we have time to connect your plan with your employer.

  2. Complete the ICHRA FORM below and EMAIL it back to us.  Be sure to list your plan name and employers contribution amount in the bottom left corner.

Alternatively, use the BOOK ONLINE link below to schedule a time to do this together.

Straight forward shopping with local support.

We make it easy to shop for individual health insurance with online links, a dedicated call center, and private consultations booked at your convenience.  Our goal is to make it easy, and support you when you need it.

Shop Anonymously!
We're not here to build mailing lists.  You will not be contacted by us unless requested and our quoting tools provide rates without any personal contact information, so no worries about ending up with those annoying robocalls or constant email blasts.


Help is FREE!
It doesn't cost you anything to work with a broker and the rates you get from us are the same that you would get directly from the carrier, so why not get a little help?  We can also become your agent of record for existing policies.

Looking for Dental, Vision or Short-Term Health Insurance plans?

We typically use UHC for Dental and Vision as their network in the area is very comprehensive.  Underwritten Short-Term Health Plans from United Healthcare are a very popular choice for healthy individuals seeking a low cost alternative to marketplace policies or for those who simply need catastrophic coverage. Underwriting is required and we highly encourage you to book online or contact us before enrolling to fully understand the risks and benefits.

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Call Center Information
Hotline: 1-844-947-4936

Staffed Hours
Mon-Thu      8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday            8:00 am - 4:00 pm


Before you call please gather the following:
      *Dates of Birth and SSN for all insureds

     *List o​f Current Prescriptions

     *Estimated Household AGI to help determine subsidy eligibility

     *Payment information to help set up auto-drafts

Prefer to Send us an EMAIL

The 843HealthMarketplace call center is supported by Health Reach which consists of agents who are licensed and familiar with options for all SC residents.

843 Health Marketplace has achieved the distinguished Circle of Champions award 5 years in a row.  The Marketplace Circle of Champions is an annual recognition program that recognizes the hard work, expertise, and service of Marketplace-registered agents and brokers, who are important partners to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

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Marketplace Circle of Champions Badge.png
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