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Need coverage for a family member not covered by group insurance?  Or don't qualify for or want to use a subsidy?  Enroll in a major medical plan with BCBS or Blue Choice directly through our links.

Please click the link below to shop with Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina.

To shop for plans from Blue Choice click HERE.  If asked our NPN# is 7112573.


ACA Coverage that meets the minimum requirements of the Affordable Care Act and is subsidized for those who qualify.  Quoted and enrolled through our site but supported by healthcare.gov.

Please visit 843HealthMarketplace.com to see if you qualify for reduced rates.  Plans start as low as $0.00 for those who meet the income requirements.


Underwritten coverage that doesn't include the minimum essential benefits of the Affordable Care Act.  Provides
basic coverage at a low price for those who qualify.  No qualifying event required.

We sell and service short term health plans from United Health and Blue Choice.  Click THIS LINK to shop Blue Choice or the link below for UHC.

USE CARRIER DIRECT LINKS IF:  You are you on a Group Plan and need to shop rates for dependents in your family or know you won't qualify for a federal subsidy to lower your premiums due to being offered group coverage.
USE 843HEALTHMARKETPLACE.COM IF:  You are not eligible for a group plan, and want to see if you may qualify for a federal subsidy, or want to see plans offered by the federal marketplace.  This website is much simpler to navigate than Healthcare.gov and provides the same alternatives.  If you do NOT qualify for a subsidy, we highly recommend coming back and using the Carrier Direct Links to enroll as cheaper silver level alternatives exist with BCBS and servicing directly with the carrier is preferred.
USE SHORT TERM LINKS IF: You only need coverage for a limited duration, or want to compare the costs of these cheaper alternatives to major medical coverage.  Please note that although these plans have the potential to save you significant premium dollars, they are not considered minimal essential coverage and you may be turned down or rated up based on your medical history.  They are generally a good fit for healthy individual seeking catastrophic coverage who plan to self insure.
And as always, if you would like FREE guidance from us, please use the BOOK ONLINE tool and set a time to come in.
When shopping for individual coverage you basically have three options:
  1. Purchase your major medical policy directly through Blue Cross or Blue Choice without a subsidy.  This is the FIRST option above and is the best plan if your spouse or other family member has group coverage and you need a more affordable or different option.
  2. Use an ACA/Obamacare plan subsidized by the federal government and sold through an online platform or HC.GOV (if you qualify).  This is the SECOND option above.  We highly reccomend our clients use www.843healthmarketplace.com instead of healthcare.gov as it is easier to shop and navigate and provides the same end results.
  3. Purchase a short term health plan from United Health or National General.  This coverage tends to cost much less but is more basic.  New for 2020 UHC is offerring a 33 month policy period before having to reapply.  Underwriting is required and you can be turned down.
Determining which option to use and making sure you understand the differences is where it gets tricky.  We create a buying guide below each year for open enrollment with the latest updates and suggestions.  
But we know this can still be confusing so if you need assistance and would like to set up an appointment to review your current plan, look at other options, or enroll in new coverage, please do so using the BOOK ONLINE feature which is synced to our calendar.  
Good luck and happy health!
Dave Williams, President 
843 Benefits and Health Marketplace


843     Health Marketplace

Insurance Buying Guide for 2020

(for those that insist on doing it on their own)

Every year we try to put together a detailed strategy guide to help people understand their options and the changes taking place in the industry.  This fall, United Healthcare has unveiled a new "short term" plan that lasts up to 3 years.  We think this could be a bit of a game changer as it provides a much more affordable solution for those heathy individual who rarely use insurance, have minimal prescriptions, and don't qualify for a subsidy.  Unfortunately as more people enroll in those types of plans, the ACA/Obamacare market will lose out on healthy individuals, possibly making renewals for next year more substantial.

If you need insurance and its not quite open enrollment yet (Nov 1-Dec 15), we strongly encourage you to seek an appointment with us as we have a few suggestions to help get you through the end of the year.

But if not, please see below for some detailed guidance on how to proceed.

*Some of the links provided take you to carrier direct sites where we do not control the content.  If you are ever asked if someone is helping you with the application please include our National Producer Number (NPN) 7112573 so we can help you follow up with any future issues.

Do you qualify for a Federal Subsidy?

If the answer is YES or ???:

You need to determine if you qualify for a tax credit to reduce your premium.  Use your household AGI as shown on your last tax return or for more accuracy, estimate your 2019 AGI and go to our portal at www.843healthmarketplace.com.  

-If you DO qualify for a subsidy, follow the prompts, choose a few plans to compare and make your elections.  There is no fee for doing this and you are getting the absolute best rates possible.  Please note: We are not compensated by the carriers for new sales outside of open enrollment so we have to charge a consulting fee if you need us to step in for any coverage effective dates other than Jan 1.
you DO NOT qualify for a subsidy/tax credit, please exit that site and use our carrier direct links below.  The rates will be better for silver plans and you will experience better service avoiding hc.gov.


If the answer is NO:

Please use our CARRIER DIRECT LINKS below or set up an appointment to come meet with us.  Because it is not open enrollment, we will not be compensated by the carrier for helping you so we must charge the consulting fee prior to booking your appointment.  

If you do not qualify for a special enrollment period or SEP, we can not sell you an ACA plan from Blue Cross or Blue Choice outside of open enrollment.



The easiest thing to do is BOOK ONLINE.  This will set you up with an appointment on your schedule.  We'll email you back to confirm we've received it.  If you don't think you need to meet with us, you are also welcome to use the links below and self service your needs.


Carrier Link: BlueEssentials from BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina


Carrier Link: BlueOption from BlueChoice HealthPlan of South Carolina



This years tricky cost saving strategy is to take out a traditional ACA plan that is guaranteed issue for Jan 1 coverage.  Be sure to set up your annual physical during the month of January (earlier the better).  If all goes well, and you are looking to have catastrophic coverage only, enroll in a 337 day plan from UHC.  This is NOT "credible coverage" by ACA Law, but it will cover yu for major illnesses or injuries at a significant discount.  This secondary coverage is underwritten which means you could be denied for coverage, or pre-existing conditions could be excluded from your coverage with other carriers so its important to get that physical, and get the secondary policy issued before cancelling the first.  Currently the main player in this space is United Healthcare.  You can go directly to UHC and quote a plan for yourself HERE, or you can set up appointment with us to review your options.  United offers short term catastrophic options up to 11 months in duration and is also our premier provider for vision and dental insurance.  There is no consulting fee for working with UHC since they continue to compensate us for helping you.

We have also recently partnered with National General to provide a 12 month catastrophic plan option.  Truth be told, this is a very new partnership so we don't have a lot of history here.  But with the eminent repeal of the indivdiual mandate we expect more programs like this to become offered.  HERE is the direct quote link for their 12 month alternative.

The only other option to get full coverage without exclusions is to set up a small group plan.  You need at least two corporate participants to set this up and we need to go over some other requirments with you as well.  So the best option here would be to BOOK ONLINE.  Again there is no fee for this service.



1. If you are looking for individual coverage and you do not qualify for a subsidy/tax credit, the below links will take you directly to our quoting pages with each carrier.  You should not need to enter any of our information for you to be credited as an 843 BHM client but just in case you don't see it, our National Producer Number is 7112573.


Carrier Link: BlueEssentials from BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina


Carrier Link: BlueOption from BlueChoice HealthPlan of South Carolina


Carrier Link: United Health ONE underwritten by Golden Rule


Carrier Link: National General Alternative ACA Options


Remember, our portal at 843healthmarketplace.com and the carrier direct links are completely free.
As an 843BHM client you will still receive the Wellness Program benefits regardless of which route you take as long as we are listed as your broker/agent of record. 


Please also be aware that our portal is maintained by Health Sherpa.  You may see emails or redirects online with their information if you stray from our pages.  Please be sure you enroll only with an 843 Health Marketplace representative or NPN (7112573) otherwise we may not be able to represent you.

For any questions or comments please GET IN TOUCH and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

Good Luck and We Hope this Guide has been Helpful!


Dave Williams

CEO | Founder 843 Health Marketplace

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