We think Benefits and Insurance should do a better job of keeping people healthy and cultivate a more engaged and educated workforce, not just provide the means to heal the sick or injured.

The goal at 843 Benefits and Health Marketplace is to address the wide range of problems we all face regarding benefits and insurance in a way no other agency has done before.


  1. Improve Administration and Education with technology and personalized expertise.
    We complete as much paperwork as possible online, provide benefit summaries and claim forms on a digital platform accessible by computer or mobile phone 24/7, and make sure your service needs are handled by the broker who knows your benefit plan and the stategies behind it better than anyone.  Additionally we want to improve the relationship your employees have with their broker so they feel more comfortable and empowerd to ask more difficult and engaging questions.


  2. We want to make your company and your employees happier and healthier.  
    We want insurance to do its job, and we work to hold them fully accountable for that.  But we also want to promote wellness and make sure your employees know how to utilize their benefits to their fullest extent, especially the free stuff!  We also sponsor competitions and promote employee engagement in a wide range of activities throughout our area in an effort to get your employees motivated and having fun, all in the name of better health! 

  3. Better Health equals Better Rates.
    It is an indisputable fact: The costs associated with any form of insurance are directly correlated to the experience or activities of the population being insured.  We therefore know as fact...the cost of insurance will never go down if we do not improve the choices we make regarding our health.  The carriers are starting to recognize this and some are providing better rates for healthier groups, or incentives for staying active, including free Apple Watches!


  4. We will always be Independent and Unbiased.
    We want to make sure you understand what this means for your company.  We own our block of business and the relationships we build with people like you form the lifeblood of our operation.  We don't have sales quotas or preferred vendors and we don't have to acquire new business every year to maintain our operation, therefore keeping your business and catering to your needs is our number one goal.

You always have a choice, and we strongly believe that if you are paying the same premiums, why wouldn't you choose the company that offerred you and your employees more?


Do you have enough faith in your current benefits plan to let us show you how we can do it better?


843BHM Teams

Staff and Support

843 Benefits is comprised of multiple teams working together for YOUR benefit.  By keeping these services independent we feel you will always get the best service and support while keeping your company under the umbrella of a united team of experts who know you and your corporate mission.

Dave Williams, 843BHM Principal Agent and Business Director

Dave is the president and founder of 843 Benefits and Health Marketplace and has been working in the insurance industry since 2001 and has been a member of the Federal Marketplace's Circle of Champions every year since its inception.  Dave is continually focused on improving the perception of benefits and insurance by both employers and their employees.  His goal is to flip the traditional relationship people have with their benefits provider into something they utilize on a regular basis to maintain good health while appreciating and understanding the investment employers are making to keep them healthy and on the job. 

Email: dave@843bhm.com

Sydney Derrick, 843BHM Communications and Wellness Director

Sydney Derrick is our Director of Communications & Wellness. Throughout her career, she’s worked in several industries, including retail real estate, non-profit and broadcast journalism. She’s excited to bring that experience to healthcare and put the focus on wellness. Her goal is to spread the word about 843 and emphasize the benefits that we can provide – more than just your everyday healthcare!

In her free time, Sydney can usually be found chasing her 2-year-old around or indulging her love of history with research into the old homes and buildings around Charleston. 


The Cason Group

The Cason Group provides sales support and service to insurance agents throughout the Southeast. Founded in 1991, they represent over 20 carriers and their staff of over 60 employees is available to assist us in finding the best coverage for our clients year after year.  They are also responsible for the technology that goes into our 843 Beacon enrollment portal and provide excellent customer service and billing support when needed.

Dave Williams and 843BHM have been working with the Cason Group for well over 10 years.


ProBenefits, Inc. is a third-party administrator and plan service provider specializing in administration and compliance for health and benefit plans. ProBenefits administers Section 125 Flexible Benefit Plans, Section 105 Health Reimbursement Arrangements, Health Savings Accounts, and COBRA.  In addition, ProBenefits offers a range of benefits compliance services to assist employers and plan advisors with ACA reporting tasks.  For 843BHM clients using the Beacon Benefits portal, their COBRA adminstration platform takes over all aspects of administration once the employee is marked for termination.

COBRA Admin and Compliance

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Payroll and HR Platforms

Providing business owners with a one stop shop doesn't have to come with a national big box firm. 

Along with other independent advisors we have developed a collaboration of business services to help simplify your other HR/Insurance/Payroll needs.  We work closely with these providers and consistently communicate and evaluate opportunities to bring you the best local solutions under one roof and simplify your operational needs.


Staying up-to-date on a wide range of employee benefits topics can be difficult and time-consuming. Zywave offers the industry’s most expansive employee benefits content library that will help you build your expertise.

Free Platform for all clients of 843BHM

The biggest difference between us and our competitors is that we offer real people as part of our service to you—not just software. We connect with our clients and know who they are. We do not use company codes as identifiers, have a two-hour response time, and manage everything related to HR, payroll, and benefits for our clients and their employees.  Download an About Us pdf.

Charleston Payroll's commitment is to the small businesses that make up our great community. Our mission statement is to provide excellent, immediate customer service to your small to mid-size business in Charleston while also saving you time and money on your payroll processing. We are built on the trust and confidence of our clients and we treat your business as part of our family.

Locally owned and operated, Charleston Payroll is a full service payroll provider specializing in direct deposit, time & attendance tracking, total tax filing, easy online processing, and much more!

Bamboo HR

BambooHR consolidates all of your employee information from all of your locations into a single view. You can then access, control, sort, analyze, and take action on the data instantly-from your office, the road or home.

BambooHR is like having your own fleet of Pandas to do all of the work for you....

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Commercial Insurance and Financial Services

We know health insurance isn't the only kind of insurance you need, that's why we sought out the best local agencies to deliver a one stop shop for you and your employees.  We communicate regularly with these advisors to deliver the same independent and unbiased guidance you've come to expect from 843 Benefits.

Atlantic Shield Insurance

At Atlantic Shield, we understand! Established in the heart of Mt Pleasant, SC Atlantic Shield Insurance Group has been locally owned since 2004. We love serving the communities where we live, work and play.

In fact, 95% of our new customers come to us through the kind words of our existing customers. Our success is simple: we have created a step-by-step process to help you navigate the sea of options with confidence.

No longer will you have to feel overwhelmed and confused, but you can rest easy knowing you are protected, and can get back to focusing on the important things and enjoying your life!

Independent Commercial Insurance Broker

As an independent agency, we represent multiple carriers and are able to quote and sell the products that most appropriately meet the needs of our clients. By having access to multiple carriers, we are able to deliver comprehensive coverage at competitive premiums.

Call us today to get a quote! 

Unlike the traditional approach of one advisor attempting to be everything to the client, we believe in a team-centered approach to our consulting.   In a world full of fast paced transactions, we believe slowing down to establish deep understanding of situations is where true value is created.  One of the first steps in our process is listen, then to steward a conversation that reflects your personal story.  

We believe wisdom is never something that should be sold. It is something to be shared.

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