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No man is more important than The Team.

No coach is more important than The Team.

The Team, The Team, The Team, and if we think that way, all of us, in everything that you do, you take into consideration what effect does it have on my team...
-Bo Schembechler


Choosing the right team of people to support your business is critical to its success.  Disconnected providers focused solely on themselves, who can not interact or work with others can destroy a team, but a team of specialists, experts in their own fields, who work together to deliver an unparalleled level of customer support, dedication and value?  THAT IS A WINNIG TEAM!

Thankfully we've done the hard work for you!

Below you will find a list of providers we integrate with and their direct local contacts.  Individual professionals, experts in their own fields, working together, always taking into consideration what effect their actions might have on YOUR BUSINESS and YOUR TEAM.



Dave Williams

  • LinkedIn

Founder | 843 Benefits and Health Marketplace

Your go to resource and first point of contact for everything related to 843BHM.  Enjoys tennis, golf, fishing, and college football when out of the office.


Lauren Dudding

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Sr HCM Account Executive | Paylocity

(843) 323-8170

Paylocity has quickly become a leading provider of online payroll services and HR solutions.   They have created one of the most technologically advanced, Software-as-a-Service (SAAS), web based payroll and HR solution in the industry.  Complimented with Lauren's award-winning customer service 843BHM+Paylocity makes a great team! 


Grace Peacock

  • LinkedIn

Senior HCM Sales Consultant | Payfluence

At Payfluence HCM, strong customer support is at the core of who we are. We value the importance of fully training you on our platform, and truly getting to know you and your business. If you are a business owner looking for more local support with your Payroll/ HR/ Time and Attendance needs, I would love to share how we can help you!

jon c.jpg

Jon Carroll

  • LinkedIn

Financial Advisor | Commonwealth FG

(843) 884-4545 ext 13

Jon and his team of advisors specialize in helping business owners, executives, and families in financial transition define and articulate their financial objectives, develop strategies that work towards specific and measurable benchmarks, and translating data into practical applications utilizing cutting-edge technologies and platforms.


Atlantic Shield | Acrisure

  • LinkedIn

Erik Loesch | Partner 

Atlantic Shield Insurance Group is a full-service property and casualty brokerage located in the heart of Mt. Pleasant, SC and proud to partner with Acrisure, one of the top 10 insurance brokerages in the world.

843BHM+Atlantic Shield means you get amazing local service and support for Benefits and all other business insurance needs.



  • LinkedIn

Benefit Administration Platform

ABRA is our go to benefit admin solution for smaller sized businesses.  Creates payroll reports, automates onboarding, and is very simple to manage and understand for both employees and admin staff.  Its limitations come from being a proprietary solution with Workful, which has its own in-house payroll and HR suite.  Functions beautifully when you do not need to integrate with other systems and offers a wide variety of plan concepts.



  • LinkedIn

ICHRA Benefit Solution

Zizzl is quickly becoming our go to solution for clients wanting to offer an Individual Coverage HRA.  Their system allows us to bypass the traditional "locals only" plan designs and assist employers who have employees located throughout the US with an integrated system that assists with payroll and supplemental benefit deductions.


Luke Fang

  • LinkedIn

Account Services Rep | The Cason Group

The Cason Group supports all our carrier interactions and Luke is our first point of contact.  So when the bill is wrong or coverage needs to be verified, Luke is ready to assist.


Alex Shi

  • LinkedIn

VP Sales and Marketing | Charleston Payroll

Charleston Payroll focuses on the local business scene and is one of 843BHM's oldest partnerships.  Alex's commitment is to provide affordable, quality payroll services to small-midsize businesses in the Charleston metro area - while also making sure you are getting the attention your unique business deserves.


Nick Ferrell

  • LinkedIn

Account Executive | Guhroo 

(404) 375-2277

Transforming HR, Benefits, and Payroll for Nonprofits with simple software and no call centers.  Nick and his team at Guhroo are continuously putting professionals together to support the growth of local business and is a great partner to 843BHM.


Heath Johnson

  • LinkedIn

Private Wealth Advisor | Northwestern Mutual

(843) 847-1135

Heath and his team at Bera Wealth Advisors at Northwestern Mutual develop enduring relationships with our clients by providing expert guidance for a lifetime of financial security. They use a four-step approach to help you understand complex financial issues and demonstrate how various strategies or choices can affect life goals.



  • LinkedIn

Jessica Brewer | Co-Founder 3Together

Jessica and SwellSpace help us scale communication and education efforts with beautifully designed "webspaces" that employees and prospective hires can access anytime, anywhere.

843BHM+SwellSpace means your benefit strategies are supported by some of the best employee communication tools in the industry.


Employee Navigator

  • LinkedIn

Benefit Administration Platform

Employee Navigator is one of the industry's most popular and robust benefit admin systems.  EN integrates with numerous outside systems and handles more complex processes and reporting that ABRA.  With those additional features however, employees and even admin staff can feel a bit overwhelmed with features they do not need or understand.  Additionally we have less opportunities to customize benefit plan designs.

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