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Many employers provide health insurance as a benefit of full time employment.  Yet insurance only does HALF THE JOB... it doesn't really keep you healthy.  


Employers design workplaces that often involve recreational spaces, flexible hours, even ping pong tables in an effort to boost morale, lower stress, and increase productivity.  Shouldn't your benefits plan to do the same thing?

At 843 Benefits we work with all the fully insured carriers everyone is familiar with, but we also work with level funded programs that offer underwritten rates to healthy groups, rewards for active participation, and even Apple watches for employees to help track their activity. 


The process of underwriting with these alternative carriers also provides us with a health assessment of your group, so regardless of the plan you choose, the data can help address common issues amongst your employees.  

Are you confident enough in your current provider to give us a shot?

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(Traditional Group Health Plans)





Fully Insured refers to traditional insurance from carriers you know like Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Choice, United Healthcare, and Cigna.  These plans charge you a premium based on rates that are filed with the state and are only affected by age, zip code, and smoker status.  If you have less than 50 employees there is no chance of being declined or rated up for medical conditions, but there are also very few rewards for good health.


843 Benefits was established based on the fact that with fully insured business we can't do anything about the rates.  What we could do, was provide the latest administration and enrollment technologies for free, connect you with other business services that provide amazing service, and give your employees a community wellness program designed to get them engaged in healthier activities.

Level Funded 101:  Under a level funded plan, an insurance company determines a funding amount for the year based on the employer’s prior experience or health assessment. Then the employer pays a set amount to an insurance company every month to pay for claims, fixed costs, and administrative expenses. This regular, equal payment is why the product is called a “level” funded plan.

At the end of the year, if the total claims, costs, and expenses are less than the employer’s contributions for the year, the employer gets a refund.  If the total claims, costs, and expenses are more than the employer’s contributions, the carrier covers the shortfall with insurance.

This model is exciting to us at 843 Benefits because we can help employers and employees take control of future rate increases by reducing risks and promoting healthy activities.



(the new kid on the block)




And coming soon to BCBS

Working Together

Count on 843BENEFITS to ALWAYS...

  • Give you unbiased advice to help meet your needs and those of your employees.

We are an independent office with no ties or selling agreements to any specific company and have no qualms switching them if they don't perform.

  • Offer added values and wellness programs that your employees actually want to use.

We actually negotiate and buy down discounts with local wellness providers for the benefit of your employees and hold challenges and competitions to keep your employees busy both in and out of the office!

  • Treat you as good on day 365 as we do on day 1. 

Unlike some of the big box firms, your advisor will always be your number one point of contact and has no sales quotas to keep commissions.  So your advisor, not a service rep or account manager, is fully invested in you and your company throughout our relationship.

  • Be your long term partner.

The greatest joy for us is watching our clients grow from 10 to 20 to 50 or more employees.  But as that occurs, needs can change and you need a benefits partner that can change with you.  We are constantly asking our growing clients what we can do to improve and have the flexibility to implement new tools specific to your needs.

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  3. To get set up with our online portal we also need the BEACON CHECKLIST form completed.  It's not important if you don't know how to fill everything out, but we at least need the basics and your pay period cycle so we can match rates appropriately.

  4. If you currently don't have an agent or need us to take over your existing case, we will need the AOR LETTER completed and signed on your letterhead.


If your feeling kind of retro and just want to chat about it over the phone, call the office line below and your call will be directed to our CEO's mobile phone where hopefully we won't confuse you with a random telemarketing call!


We look forward to earning your trust and becoming part of your team.


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